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logoCREATIVE INSPIRATION COMES at you from every direction. In this time of hyper-media involvement, we can sometimes simply want to duck. But don’t. I mean, why should you when I am willing to taking on the task of organization for you? Nothing like tidying up the universe to make a woman feel good, right? And I am feeling good, creating Pinterest pages for memoir that will make your writing lives much, much easier. [Read more…]

How To Write Memoir: Be Your Own Cavalry

Source: The Library of Congress online

Source: The Library of Congress online

YOU ARE THE CAVALRY. And that’s the truth. I frequently refer to myself as a factory of one. And I am. And so are you, if you are a writer. In fact, just last night, listening to yet another free webinar about social media, scribbling away when I would have preferred to be watching something – anything – on demand on TV, I was chanting to myself my little mantra about being a factory of one. And it kept me scribbling. We are on our own here, folks, and that’s not the worst company in the world. [Read more…]

How to Get to Your Best Memoir Writing

THE BEST MEMOIR WRITING knows its limits. It does not take on too much. It does not take on too little. It takes on exactly enough and stays with it until it’s done. To illustrate this idea in my class, I’ll hold up my hands about shoulder width, thumbs up, fingers facing forward and pretend to be taking a slice out of someone’s timeline. “Just give me this much,” I’ll say, and if I get a blank look, I’ll usually offer, “Just go from here to there.” If I am working as a memoir editor or developmental editor over the phone, I’ll probably talk about the “here to there” of the best memoir writing. [Read more…]

Memoir Editor? Developmental Editor? What’s in a Name?

APPARENTLY I AM A DEVELOPMENTAL EDITOR for memoir. I had not know that until recently when four separate email inquiries came in using that phrase. Huh, I thought, and did not think much more about it until a few days later when someone referred to me as a “memoir development editor.” That was quickly followed by an email asking if I was a “development editor,” which, in turn, was followed by an inquiry into my “developmental editing” skills. Something, clearly, has shifted. [Read more…]

To Learn to Write, Read

Laura Ingalls Wilder Image by Bettmann/Corbis

Laura Ingalls Wilder
Image by Bettmann/Corbis

AS A MEMOIR EDITOR, I read a lot. As a writer, I read a lot. As a thinking human, I read a lot. As a memoir teacher — yes, you get it — I read a lot. And I recommend it all the time as a way to learn to write. Read. And don’t dither about what to read. Read widely. Read the enemy. Read your friends. Read people who are younger than you are, and whose lives you cannot imagine, and for goodness’ sake, read the newspaper, and tons of fiction. In a phrase, to learn to write, read.   [Read more…]