Writing Lessons: Can Memoir Be Poetry? Of course

CAN MEMOIR BE POETRY? I get this question all the time. Of course it can. In fact, you can write memoir, poetry, memoir screenplays, plays, lists, essays and book-length pieces. Memoir is a genre that allows for a lot of forms, and here to show you one of them is a poet of gorgeous ability. Let me introduce you to Keven Bellows, who chooses poetry to write about the many topics of her life. I’ll let her explain.  [Read more...]

Getting Inspired to Write Memoir

YouTube Preview ImageGETTING INSPIRED TO WRITE memoir is easier for some than for others. My job is to make is easy for all, and I try to do this by providing provocative content on my website, through my own writing, and in all of my classes. And then every once in a while I need some myself, and when I do, I turn to the very best sources in the world. [Read more...]

Writing Lessons: Writing Your Truth

STEVE WHITACRE book coverWRITING YOUR TRUTH is one of those phrases that makes for good conversation, a fine search term on Google, and a much-overused topic for workshops. And that’s about where the fun begins and ends since actually writing your truth is as hard as writing gets. Here to take on that gnarly topic is Steven Whitacre, author of the beautifully-written — and remarkably-titled — memoir, My Father’s Prostitute: Story of a Stolen Childhood. Let’s see what he has to say.



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Writing From the Heart

WRITING FROM THE HEART is one of those phrases that people use and use again and, it seems to me, rarely stop to think about. It’s what I call a shingle phrase. You know, as in a roof shingle? It patches and connects, but merely blocks the light. What does writing from the heart really look like? To me, it looks like the work of Monica Wesolowska, the author of Holding Silvan. [Read more...]