Marriage Memoir: Writing in Real Time

photo-1422433555807-2559a27433bdI HAVE THREE FREEZERS. There, I admit it. I do. A born and raised New Yorker, maybe I have nothing more or less than a shtetl mentality, some genetic holdover from a time when there was never plenty. But probably not, since the closest I’ve come to Anatevka was fourth row center seats for “Fiddler on the Roof” when I was twelve. [Read more…]

The Music of Writing

Courtesy of Unsplash Photo by Andree Brown

Courtesy of Unsplash
Photo by Andree Brown

THE QUESTION WAS SIMPLE: What is the difference between what your piece of memoir is about and the plot of that memoir? The person asking it is a client of my memoir editing services, and while I’ve heard this particular question thousands of times in the twenty years of teaching memoir, this time I heard music. Actual music. And while I briefly contemplated that madness itself has set in, I decided against that reading and went instead for metaphor. Ah, metaphor. [Read more…]

How to Get Writing Inspiration In Your Own Backyard

the-museumI DELIBERATELY LIVE NEAR WHAT I CALL the E-Triangle. It’s my own designation, and not one you’ll find on a map, but one that I consider my own personal place of deep inspiration. Perhaps you have one of your own – somewhere you wanted to live because of the way in which its former occupants inform your life, inspire your work, or just simply make you happy. [Read more…]

How to Write a Memoir? Talk to Pooh Hodges

cat-talk-with-marrion-roach-smith-630x473AS YOU MAY REMEMBER, I talk to my dog. But that does not prevent me from also talking to cats, as I did last week. I think it went quite well, especially considering that the cat is Pooh Hodges, a scrappy raconteur (note the one ear), whose typist assists him in his wildly popular column on the marvelous website, The Write Practice. Have a look at How to Write a Memoir, and if you like what you read, please go tell Pooh.

Join Me Writing Memoir on Pinterest

logoCREATIVE INSPIRATION COMES at you from every direction. In this time of hyper-media involvement, we can sometimes simply want to duck. But don’t. I mean, why should you when I am willing to taking on the task of organization for you? Nothing like tidying up the universe to make a woman feel good, right? And I am feeling good, creating Pinterest pages for memoir that will make your writing lives much, much easier. [Read more…]

How To Write Memoir: Be Your Own Cavalry

Source: The Library of Congress online

Source: The Library of Congress online

YOU ARE THE CAVALRY. And that’s the truth. I frequently refer to myself as a factory of one. And I am. And so are you, if you are a writer. In fact, just last night, listening to yet another free webinar about social media, scribbling away when I would have preferred to be watching something – anything – on demand on TV, I was chanting to myself my little mantra about being a factory of one. And it kept me scribbling. We are on our own here, folks, and that’s not the worst company in the world. [Read more…]