Writing Memoir: Class Notes. March 23, 2012

THIS WEEK’S CLASS was the first in a new six-week series. I particularly love these first nights, since it brings the challenge back to me to explain what memoir is, what it is not, and what is required to write it. Each time I do this, I do it differently, long ago having abandoned a script I once hid behind for this presentation. Want to know what I said?

I covered some of my favorite topics, including these:

After that, we got to the work, reading eight pieces of memoir brought in by the students. I use their work to teach, and from those pieces and their issues we discussed topics as vast as:

Each week, I run a post here called Class Notes. Be sure to check it out.

Got a question on how to write memoir? Send it along and learn along with us.


    • says

      Thank you, Shirley. I am delighted to share what I know, and let others do the same. You blog continues to illuminate me. Such great material. Thanks for that.

  1. nancy nichols says

    Your voice is always inspirational, Marion. And thank you for sharing all the links that inspire you. Being torn between disciplines, the least stinky of my vomits become an interesting verbal collage. So appreciative that your generous blog is a constant presence! Shirley has it absolutely right. You accumulate value to your readers every day! xo

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