Writing Lessons: Writing About Friends

8fc605cc4a0e1e15237ab6b33be9a184WHEN I HEARD that Mardi Jo Link had another memoir out I was overjoyed. After all, her most recent book, Bootstrapper, From Broke to Badass on a Northern Michigan Farm was as much fun to read as the title promised it would be. And now we’ve got The Drummond Girls: A Story of Fierce Friendship Beyond time and Chance, and at least from where I sit (and read) all seems right with the world. I invited Mardi to write a piece about how this book came about, and the choice of writing about friends. Here it is. [Continue reading]

New Memoir for A Summer Read


THERE IS SO MUCH NEW MEMOIR, and so much of it is good, that I cannot stop myself from grinning from earring to earring. This is fine news, folks, since it indicates that the genre is alive and well, despite the effort by some to pull it into the … [Continue reading]

Writing Lessons: The Joy of Finding the Funny in Memoir

DDG Cover

FEW, IF ANY, THINGS MAKE ME HAPPIER than a successful memoir written by someone I like and admire. Perhaps the only thing that comes to mind is if the book is gorgeous, as well. That being the conditions for my happiness, I can only say that I am … [Continue reading]