Writing Lessons: Some Tips on Writing Good Transitions

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000032_00025]WHEN AMY DAWS wrote to me about her recently published memoir, I asked her about her writing challenges in the project, which led us to a discussion about writing good transitions. Ah, transitions. More tears are shed over these, perhaps, than most writing topics. But in Amy’s case, this was particularly trying since she was using a timeline of a pregnancy interspersed with flashbacks. Not an easy thing to do, but necessary in a book that tackles the hope she had for a successful pregnancy after suffering multiple miscarriages. So I invited her to take on the transition. See what you think. Write a comment and ask Amy about writing her new book, Chasing Hope, and enter to win a copy of the book. [Continue reading]

Writing Lessons: Are There Rules for Writing Memoir?

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ARE THERE RULES FOR WRITING MEMOIR? For instance, can your story be enlarged by the story of someone else whose life parallels or informs your own? When Maria Mutch proposed this question as a Writing Lessons piece, I knew I had a fine writer on the … [Continue reading]

Writing Lessons: Finding the Message in Your Memoir Writing


MUCH LIKE FINDING MEANING IN LIFE, finding the message in your memoir writing requires some digging. I would argue that in both life and in writing what you should dig past are the easy questions and their all-too-available answers. Meet Jill … [Continue reading]