How to Write The Truth About Tough Times

9781605712253-PerfectWRITING ABOUT THE TOUGHEST stuff of life will include the kind of struggle you need to prepare for. Simple as that. You will change your mind, your methods, your voice, your approach, perhaps your reporting mode, and probably most of the piece several times. You might doubt your sanity, the reliability of your family, and even the idea that there is any truth lurking out there for you to capture on the page. My advice to those who are doing this is to get every bit of help available. Figuring out how to write the truth about tough times should not be done on one’s own. No one should try this alone. Donna Miller’s new book is written from the toughest place on earth, and she is here to share with you how she got from there to here. [Continue reading]

Writing to the Music of Your Life

Carol M. Highsmith, photographer. Courtesy of the Library of Congress online

I’VE TRIED MEDITATION, dosing myself with the prescription to apply it at the same time each day. And when I do, the silent, tunneling lack of thought sculpts my sharp edge into something I can use in the world, rather than something I merely use … [Continue reading]