How to Write a Memoir? Talk to Pooh Hodges

cat-talk-with-marrion-roach-smith-630x473AS YOU MAY REMEMBER, I talk to my dog. But that does not prevent me from also talking to cats, as I did last week. I think it went quite well, especially considering that the cat is Pooh Hodges, a scrappy raconteur (note the one ear), whose typist assists him in his wildly popular column on the marvelous website, The Write Practice. Have a look at How to Write a Memoir, and if you like what you read, please go tell Pooh.

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CREATIVE INSPIRATION COMES at you from every direction. In this time of hyper-media involvement, we can sometimes simply want to duck. But don't. I mean, why should you when I am willing to taking on the task of organization for you? Nothing like … [Continue reading]

How to Get to Your Best Memoir Writing

THE BEST MEMOIR WRITING knows its limits. It does not take on too much. It does not take on too little. It takes on exactly enough and stays with it until it’s done. To illustrate this idea in my class, I’ll hold up my hands about shoulder width, … [Continue reading]

Memoir Editor? Developmental Editor? What’s in a Name?

APPARENTLY I AM A DEVELOPMENTAL EDITOR for memoir. I had not know that until recently when four separate email inquiries came in using that phrase. Huh, I thought, and did not think much more about it until a few days later when someone referred to … [Continue reading]