New Memoir: What to Read This Summer

9781101870242NINE NEW MEMOIRS. Just the phrase sends little shivers up my arms and into my head, and suddenly I see myself under a pile of books. Maybe not everyone’s fantasy, but hey, I’m me. And when the recommendations come from Kirkus Reviews, the pinnacle of book sources, I’m good with it, far preferring and trusting them over most other “best of” lists. [Continue reading]

How To Get A Personal Essay Published? Write it Like This

AS A MEMOIR EDITOR and writing coach, I enjoy terrific moments witnessing writers getting what they want from their work. The best of my experience with clients may be when just a wisp of an idea flows into a first draft, a second and third draft, … [Continue reading]

The Memoir Project: Use the Objects of Your Affection in Your Work


NOT ALL OF MY CLOSEST FRIENDS ARE HUMAN. For me, friendship requires some degree of comfort and support, a whole lot of encouragement, and the inclination on the part of that friend to get you out doing things. And on those terms I have some … [Continue reading]